SpotGo Heavy Duty Biodegradable BBQ Wipes

Exclusive to Coles.

A shining, clean surface every time. SpotGo Heavy Duty Biodegradable BBQ Wipes with scrub nodules are a quick and convenient way to clean your BBQ and cooking surfaces. Easily cuts through grease and grime leaving a fresh, clean surface every time.

Ideal for: The BBQ plates, Grills, Hood, Wok Burners, Rotisseries, Utensils, Shelves and Cabinets, Oven Racks and Oven Interiors, Sandwich Presses, Health Grills, Range Hoods, Cook Tops and Stainless Steel.

Directions For Use

  1. Open resealable lid, peel back the sticker and pull  out a wipe.
  2. Wipe over surfaces with the nodule side down.
  3. Always reseal the sticker and close the lid to keep the remaining wipes moist and ready for next use.
  4. Dispose of the wipe in the rubbish bin.

Note: No need to wipe after use of wipe. Your BBQ and surfaces are ready to use.